My First Point Is The United States Of The Faculty, Our New Students, Good Afternoon !

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All members of the faculty, our new students, good afternoon!

On behalf of the faculty and students from the School of Translation Studies, I’d like to extend a warm welcome to all new faces here.

Now please allow me to share with you the expectation from the school faculty for all freshmen.

My first point is about the genuine purpose of education in university.

What’s the definition of uni? Our schoolmaster Mr. 戚万学 had talked about his own understanding of university in this year’s welcoming ceremony speech. He said, the word university is formed by 2 characters in Chinese, the first Chinese character大 reveals spreading thoughts, powerful rationality and wide concern for others, and the second character学 interprets acquiring healthy and beneficial knowledge in the positive direction and striving for perfection.

On this issue, President Qi had mentioned that, university students should learn from all knowledge in science, great ideas and classical studies, ancient and today as well as at home and broad, and also learn from all wisdom and ideas that pursues truth, kindness and beauty. Studying in university, you should strive towards the above goals, after you graduate, you take the responsibility of carrying forward what you learnt, keeping courage and conscience in mind and struggling for the good of all people.

You need to hold the spirit of science and reason, help safeguard social conscience and justice. You are supposed to inherit human civilization and…

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