Essay Is College Doomed?

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Schools today have strayed from the original educational goal of educating our population to a higher standard. They have focused on making profit rather than providing the best education they possibly can. Colleges today should focus on helping to spread education throughout the world in any way they can. Graeme Wood’s article “Is College Doomed?” shows a new, nontraditional college called Minerva. Colleges as they are today should be known as businesses rather than schools.
Traditional colleges, these days have raised their standards immensely in order to bring in smart and successful students. These colleges prioritize increasing their reputation with high grade averages, high test scores, and successful outgoing students. Colleges use this as a way to bring in more students and more profit instead of aiming to educate poor students into getting good grades. Students who may make it in and struggle may even be kicked out of the college in order to uphold the schools standing. Minerva has approached this by testing students in a variety of ways that assess multiple skills instead of how well they will do in school. The school has prospective students “take a battery of online quizzes, including spatial reasoning tests of the sort one might find on an IQ test”. Minerva separates itself from regular schools as it uses these tests to keep money from influencing a future student’s ability to do well in school. Minerva then goes on to teach students basic skills while in…

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