My First Memory Of Learning Essay

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My first memory of learning what it means to be gay was when I was in grade school. I would hear the word being said from my friends and other peers in my classroom. I went to a catholic school my whole life, so the word gay was never taught in the classroom by the teachers. My friends and I would talk about the word during lunch and recess. My family never talked about the LGBTQ because it was against what my family believes in. When I was younger, I would hear the word gay a lot on the television. I think watching television helped understand the meaning of the word gay. When I was younger, I watched a television show about a family who had gay parents and it helped me see the true meaning of the word gay because I always thought that a family had to have a mother and a father and that is not true. My first memory where I really actually learned the meaning the word was when my cousin came out as gay to my family when I was a young teenager. Since my cousin was the first gay person that I knew and was close with, he helped me understand the meaning of the word.
When my cousin explained to me what gay meant at the time I did not understand it because I was raised that you are supposed to be with the opposite sex and not the same sex you are, so it was kind of shocking to me. When I learned about the word gay I thought it was strange and I thought it was weird, and it honestly made me feel uncomfortable. It honestly took me a while to accept the fact that my cousin is…

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