Personal Narrative-Homosexuality In High School

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“Hey that’s so gay” or “you’re a fag”, is something you hear at a high school almost every day. Growing up in the North Carolina, homosexuality was sort of frond upon. Hearing people make gay jokes and look down on them everyday sort of imprinted “being gay is bad” into your head. Geryon, a gay, red monster living with normal people, goes through the struggle of a typical homosexual, acceptance. He goes through the ups and downs and struggles with his family, friends and community. Many homosexuals are scared to “come out” because of these reasons and what others will think about them. A national magazine that follows the homosexual community and events, ranked Iowa City the third “gayest” city in the United states. Coming to college in Iowa City, I had no idea what the people would be like or the culture change, but there sure was a lot that was …show more content…
In my small school, with a graduating class of 120 in a stereotypical hick town, there was only one gay person that came out. As some may expect, he was the outcast in school and never really fit in with anyone. It just so happened that he was in one of my classes. He flirted with me every day in class and didn’t seem to care what others thought of him. “I’m not gay”, I always told him, but he never got the message that I wasn’t interested. I for one never have a negative or positive feeling toward gays before this, but about two weeks of this, my feelings changed. I started saying and treating him just like the others, which never sat well with me. I felt as if I took the role of Geryon when he was feeling like his back was against the wall with Ancash on the roof. The only difference in our story was that he never saw my wings. Somehow, after all of this happening in high school, it turned out that my best friend in college would be gay. Is someone is sending me a message, or is it just how things played

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