My First Day Of Training

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Have you ever wondered what goes through your barista’s head on a daily basis? You probably haven’t because you think our jobs are easy. Well, I’ll tell you it’s not how much I love hearing about your kids or how you just bought a new car. Although, it may seem like I’m excited to see you, I’m actually really stressed out on the inside. You have to remember I’m getting paid to listen to your “amazing” lives. Reality is that I really do not care, but I will act like I do in hopes you leave a tip in my jar. Now, I do actually care about some customers. The ones who are not all about boasting themselves, but actually want to hear a little about me. I started working at Starbucks back in 2013. I will always remember my first day of training. I went in to work that day at 5:30 A.M. when we open. Getting up that early and getting ready was hell, but I somehow managed to make it. I’m a quick learner and picked up things pretty quickly. Towards the end of my shift the cruelest looking elderly woman came in. I had heard rumors about this little old lady. Almost every new barista this lady made them cry, but not today! I wasn’t going to let her get to me and ruin my day. She ordered her “usual” Venti, Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte, extra shot, extra extra hot, no whip with two cups. It’s a tongue twister and when she said it didn’t totally register in my brain so I asked her to repeat it. Well, she didn’t like that idea so she said, “What are you? A damn buffoon?” I laughed it all off,

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