Social Norm Violations Research Paper

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Norm violations are common in society today. Norms are defined as being “expectations of ‘right’ behavior” (Henslin, 49). There are two types of norms: folkways and mores. Folkways are a type of norm that are not strongly implemented, meaning that to go against this type of norm is not as severe as going against a more. A more is a type of norm that is forcefully implemented. This is due to the fact that mores are essential to the values of different culture. Norm violations occur when a person thinks or behaves in an abnormal way, a way that differs from the expected behaviors within one’s culture. People from all cultures unconsciously commit norms, whether it be acting out in the wrong manner or acting in an acceptable behavior. This causes …show more content…
An older man had ordered some waffles, he than waited for at least five minutes stood up and yelled for the waitress to come to his table. The waitress than walked to the man, as the man had a very frustrated face. He started to make a scene by yelling and being rude to the lady because he hadn’t gotten his breakfast with in five minutes. The people surrounding in the dining area looked at the man in disgust and seemed to be embarrassed for him. I can definitely say that the man had disrupted my breakfast. I could tell that the people were upset at the man and wanted to bring to his attention that he was being rude. People were mumbling under their breaths about the older man who had caused the scene inside IHOP. The people sitting directly next to the man asked if they could be moved to a different table because the man had shown himself to be sort of scary. They had a look on there face as if they thought the man was crazy in the head or had something wrong with him. The norm violation of this was the man being impatient and yelling at the waiter for not having his food ready within only a couple minutes, when he wanted it and making a fool out of himself by causing a scene in a dining room in front of 20+

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