My First Day Of English 102 Class Essay

1394 Words Sep 27th, 2016 6 Pages
On the first day of English 102 class I sat down in a chair, I was nervous and worried I wouldn’t make any friends. I look over and I see a girl that sat next to me, we both gave a little smile at each other then went along with our business. Keondrane’ and I talked that first day, my first impression was this girl is shy like me. Keondrane’ is short, 5’0, she has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She is shy and quiet when you first meet her, but as you get to know her she is a high-spirited girl. She and I talked more and more each time we had English 102 class. I got to know her on a slightly personal level. Then it came time for Ms. Marr to pick who our partners were for our writing assignment. I hoped I was not partners anyone that would be awkward to talk to. When Ms. Marr called my name with Keondrane ', I got excited because we were somewhat familiar with each other, so it would not be awkward. Ms. Marr gave everyone time in class to interview each other. Keondrane’ and I both talked to each other to get to know each other more and to figure out what story we wanted to tell. I had no idea what story to tell so I asked her, “do you have a story”? Keondrane’ told me she had two stories, so I told her to tell me the one that was the most interesting. I could tell she was a little shy about telling me her story, but that disappeared when she began to tell her story. She sighed and said, “this is the story of the first time I ever snuck out, and…

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