My First College Writing Course Essay

1292 Words Nov 18th, 2016 6 Pages
Throughout my journey in English 101 college writing, I have learned a great deal about my approach to writing. When I was younger, I always struggled with writing because I would have so many ideas, but I never knew how to put them on paper. As I grew older and began to write more papers, my writing slowly began to improve. By the time I was in high school, I was writing decent papers and usually making solid B’s. I never thought of myself as an exceptional writer, but I always thought I was average. In general, my English papers were decent, but my strong point were my history papers. In high school, it was my history teacher who helped me become a stronger writer. In my first college writing course, I knew that I would have to work significantly harder to make higher grades. For my three essays I wrote a rhetorical analysis on President Obamas 2008 Inaugural Address, a paper on if “College Worth It”, and “Why We Shouldn’t Celebrate Christopher Columbus Day, but Instead Celebrate a Native American”.
The second essay that we were assigned was to rhetorical analyze a piece of writing or to analyze a song. I decided to rhetorically analyze President Obama’s 2008 Inaugural Address because I wanted to do a political piece. When I began brainstorming ideas for this paper I wrote out all the points I wanted to cover and then I began putting them into groups based on how I wanted to organize my paper. In my paper I wrote about how Obama establishes a strong ethos and pathos in…

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