My First And Second Period Of Women Basketball Essay examples

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For this writing assignment, I have attended a basketball match in the Pier Gym in Dean College on 30 January. I watched the first and second period of women basketball match from 1pm to 3pm. There are various audience, such as child, baby, black, white, parents, teenager and college students. Most of the audience are college students and parents. The basketball match is Dean College versus Southern Maine Community College. The color of Dean College is white, grey and red and the color of Southern Maine Community College is white and blue. In the following paragraphs, I will write about what I have observed in the game. Fans are sitting in groups which is separated by race. They sang the American National Anthem before the game start. I think this is a ritual of watching a basketball game in the United States. Then, two teams of players clap to encourage themselves before the start of the contest. There were some children wearing Dean College T-shirt in red and some women students from Dean College were wearing different color of Dean sweatshirt, some were red, black and white. During the game, the audiences were clapping for the team which they support and the remaining teammates of each basketball team also cheering for their team. There was a man in front of me who claps for the Dean College team all along the match. Beside this fan, students who from Dean College also scream and cheer for the team. There was a women in red shirt raised her hand and said “wohoo” when…

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