My Favorite Night

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The best time of the year is a soft, warm summer 's night. I can sit on my porch swing and listen to all the sounds. Distant spattering’s of a dog 's barking and neighbor 's cars coming and going down the street. They all blend in the background of my mind as I feel the warmth of the summer cover me with scented breath. For these reasons, I opened my house door and sat on the porch swing with my Bible. I rubbed my pink eyes and opened them wide to see the starlit skies glisten and the luminous moon illuminate. Summer nights are my favourite times of the year. They represent peace and harmony and on this summer night I feel like a new person, free from useless hatred and vexation from my past. It is three weeks after the day my father passed …show more content…
When my mother and brother figured out this dreadful news, they broke into tears, but all I could ponder about was the fact that my father committed a horrendous crime, or he was going to leave mom for another. However, I could never imagine him leaving us for good.
“Sami!... your father is coming over to visit you, so come inside please and help me prepare some food and cake for him.” “Oh! He finally decided to visit me on my birthday, after missing the last ten. He probably isn’t coming to visit me, I bet he wants to borrow your money. I mean all he does is shout at you and he looks at me like I’m an alien to him. “Sami my boy, your father is going through a very complex time and he needs our assistance. Be delighted that he is here for your sixteenth birthday.” I loved my mom and older brother more than any one, so I decided to obey her. The doorbell rang and I felt discouraged to open the door, so I gave
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Why would you ever get me a Bible for my birthday? I ponder over the fact that I call you my father.” My eyes turned gloomy red and began to get watery, but not out of depression, out of infuriation. The whole family stared at me with revolt, so I ran out of the room and went into the cafeteria, where I sat on a table by myself. I had millions of thoughts flying across my mind. I couldn’t even think straight. Why should I forgive him? He abused, yelled and ignored me. He did nothing beneficial for me throughout my entire life. Why did I just treat him like that? He’s my father and he is dying! Why did I yell at him? Mom said I’m supposed to respect him no matter what. She always told me to seek for repentance from others and forgive others who have wronged me. Am I slowly becoming my father? I began to cry turbulently because I knew I would never see him again. As I began to cry, my mother came running to see me. “Sami! Sami, my ardent son… are you okay?” She sat next to me in the cafeteria, and she looked at me as if I was the most astonishing being in the world. “Mom… I… I’m confused and don’t know what to do. I want to forgive dad so desperately for not being there for me, but I just don’t understand how. Look... I can’t do it.” “My son, try to listen to me. The only way you can forgive him is if you let go of the past, think about the future and look at all the good he has done for you. She looked at me with a smile and told me to

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