My Favorite Is Rifle Deer Season Essay

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“Thud, thud, thud,” it was all I heard when I was peering through my scope. The pleasure hunting gives me always had been immeasurable, any type of hunting, but my personal favorite is rifle deer season. All of my family and extended family has been hunting for years, it is a tradition to sit out in the stands every year on opening morning. Before deer season, we all will walk out to our stands and pick who was going to sit where. My favorite stands to sit in are by my grandpa Steve. Along with my grandpa Steve my dad is really helpful, and I like sitting near him. The very first time I went deer hunting I was 14 years old. Opening weekend, my dad, who is a die hard hunter, was going to take me out with him. We were planning to head up North and hunt on public land in Emily, Minnesota. To make it to Emily and set ourselves up before the sun rose, at exactly 8:06 in the morning, the truck engine was starting at five in the morning and pulling out five minutes later. I was not thrilled about it at all. My dad was nice enough to stop at a gas station and purchase me a donut and hot chocolate, they made my mouth water when I scarfed them down, for breakfast. I chowed down my donut and drank my hot chocolate, the warm, steamy, hot chocolate cause my body to feel even more fatigued, so then I proceeded to sleep the rest of the drive up North. The weather was despicable, on this day. There was already a fine layer of snow on the ground, which is wonderful for hunting, but was…

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