Essay on My Family Trip At Everest

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Have you ever hated something so much that no matter what the event was, you would die trying to fight for your revenge? This was the matter that I faced as I had to go against hells spawn to get my revenge. Now before I tell you how I got to this epidemic, I will tell you how all this began. It all started after my morning jog, as I really did like to stay fit. I came home and saw my parents up and about packing our hiking bags, from that instant I knew our family trip was about to go down this week. I couldn 't remember the last time we had the time or a chance to plan a family day out. As I looked my father who was an aspirational and diligent man was preparing the bags as my loving mother cooked and packed the food. They told me as a late 21st birthday present they would allow me to go hiking to their family spot in the mountains of Mount Everest, this was like a dream come through, because our move to Nepal was a tremendous change from Florida, and to hike to my families spot to see the majestic view was probably one of the biggest moments I can endure with. As the days past by we prepared for the big day, packing the tents, food, extra clothing and for safe measures my father took his rifle, machete and SAT phone, about two morning 's later we started our hike, not even the sun peaked yet as we reached closer and closer to the black forest, which held a sign at the front that says "Those who seeks death shall find it" as my father chuckles, me and my mother look turns…

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