My Family And The Ranch Essay

730 Words Feb 3rd, 2016 3 Pages
What makes me “Me”, I have asked myself this question a thousand times over the last week before it finally hit me. And what makes me who I am my upbringing and my family also where I was raised, the ranch. There are so many ways that my family and the ranch has made me the person I am. From having family supper all gathered at one table, something that is being seen less and less in these days. To working cows, my family and the ranch has had the most impact on making me the kind of man that I am proud to be. And now I would like to tell you all why the Ranch makes me who I am. Living on a ranch can be summed up in a few words work, respect, and resilience. “Work” on a ranch work is never done. It does not have a time limit and there are not any restriction rules or regulations that can hinder or put a halt too how long you work. There is a phrase that explains work on a ranch very well here it is “no matter how much you do your job is never done, so you prioritize and do as much as you can and save the rest for another day” With that said I have done my fair share of work and cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have gone daylight to dark. But it hardened me, it made tough, and it made me not scared to sweat or shed a little blood or get a few bruises. Being raised into this person has made me a valuable and liked employee and I have the ranch to thank for that. Next I would like to talk about Respect and how my family and the ranch has instilled respect in me…

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