Essay on My Family : A Child Of Divorce

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I never grew up in a house with a mom and dad and the same friends. My parents divorced when I was five years old. Two homes, two separate lives, and both were completely different experiences. At one home I was happy, I had friends and a dog. The other house it was just my father and I, no friends or contact with the outside world. Growing up as a child of divorce many things have left lasting effects on me such as issues with myself, problems between my father and I, and the separation of myself and my paternal family. When I was five my parents divorced and my life was forever changed. I began having to follow a visitation schedule between my parents. Every Tuesday and Thursday I would visit my father for a few hours and then every other weekend I was forced to stay at his home beginning on Friday evening into Sunday afternoon. Shuffling between houses made it feel like I never really had a sense of where home actually was. Most nights I slept at my mom’s home and being there more often than not made the bond between my mom and I inseparable. As I grew up I would throw tantrums and want to stay home with my mom. Being at my father’s house on the weekends led to me developing an overall anxiety but particularly separation anxiety. Now as an adult I do not do well being away from home for long periods of time alone. Being around my father during visitations was a nightmare. He left me always on edge and uncomfortable with myself. He would have fits of rage when things…

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