The Hobbit Text-To-Self Quotes

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Christopher Fernandez
Mrs. Nemet
English 10 CP
11 September 2015
There were some quotes in the book that I liked, but the one I like the most is for text-to-self is...
“Lets have a conversation Dad. Let’s bare our souls and get to know one another.” By Mary Meechum, Bull Meechum’s daughter which was his favorite child he had. If he didn’t want to speak with his favorite child I noticed he would be really harsh with his least favorite or other children. This particular quote stands out to me the most only because when I wake up my dad is sleeping, and when I get home my dad is working. I don’t see my dad much because most of the times he gets home late from work, even on holiday breaks and days. I see him every night I can,
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Only because Ben needed approval from his father and I think the hobbit named Bilbo Baggins doesn’t want to do anything unless it’s approved by someone. Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit and hobbits don’t do much, just stay home and stay very neat and organized. Until he was basically forced to go to an adventure with a group of people/creatures. At first he didn’t do anything on his own, he couldn't because he didn’t really know how to. Everything had to basically be approved by the other people or creatures. Something that turned out to be completely opposite with both books was that Bilbo no longer needed approval for the actions he would commit. He had to take care for himself and take charge for his own …show more content…
The main character wanted his big brother’s approval, but it was very difficult because his brother Rodrick didn’t want anything to do with him at all. Rodrick was already busy with his band he had. It was almost impossible for his little brother to earn his approval. Ben Meechum from The Great Santini noticed that his father always loved him at the end of the book, but he wasn’t able to express the love at the end of the book because Bull (the great santini) dies. Which is a happy ending but then again it is definitely not a happy ending. Unlike the Diary of a Wimpy Kid when Rodrick gets to play at the most popular girl’s house in the school, all because of his little brother. That ending was a wonderful ending unlike The Great

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