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Have you ever had that feeling when you know you aren’t going to make any new friends in a new school because your insecurities got the best of you? Believe me, I felt that way since the beginning I stepped foot on this campus. Ever since I was a little girl, I was always curious to do many things but my shyness got the best of me all the time. My apprehensiveness stuck with me ever since then and has not left. In middle school, it was a completely different story because I knew everyone since it was a small school and everyone was really close with each other. Thinking about high school just gave me the chills since I knew it was going to be a much bigger school with around a thousand students, that I barely knew. I’ve always been told that …show more content…
I was such a wreck at the dance, but quitting was not an option. I noticed that I finally found my voice. I was determined to try out. I made many new friends the first day. I asked many around me to help me, and they did so well that I finally remembered it. I was such a leap to me knowing that I could talk to others that made me make friends. Day two was full of reviewing for the finals which were the following day. By the end of day two, I got the dance so well, so memorized. The nerves started to go away, and I felt more confident to talk too many around me, making many new friends. My friends helped me the most throughout this …show more content…
It was such a relief making it to day three and surviving. I felt so ready to perform in front of the captain and advisor. I felt like I could finally make a team of something that I love to do. For the first hour, it was filled with reviewing. The next hour, it was game time. Seeing all these other girls perform got me nervous (yes the nerves were back). It all happened in a second, I was next. While performing, I felt really relaxed. I was doing something that I loved. By the time it was over, I felt satisfied and it all happened fast. It felt complete to survive the three days of tryouts and make new friends along with breaking out of my shell feeling more comfortable about myself.
The results weren’t posted until 3 days later, I was so nervous to check. All of the feelings and hopes have gone up. I saw my name on the list. I made it. This was something big that happened in my life. This made my entire day. I know I made the right decision to join the team because now I am a different person. I am more opened up not nervous anymore. I thank every one of the team to help me open

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