My Experience With My Dad Essay

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So far through my high school career I have struggled to really find myself. I have struggled at times to make the right decision, my relationship with my mom hasn’t always been the best because of it. I felt alone and unhappy most of the time and I looked for things that made me feel better. My sister and I argued all the time and I didn’t understand her. I didn’t understand how to cope with the decisions my dad has made with his own life and how they have affected mine. Psychology has opened my eyes to how I think, feel, and cope in regards to my life and the people in it.
One of the biggest influences in anybody’s life can be their parents. I didn’t realize how much my dad could influence me even though he wasn’t really around. My parents separated before I was born. I had regular visits with my dad until I was about five. He stopped contacting me and I went years without speaking to him. Many years later he would inconsistently contact me which confused and frustrated me a lot. I found out that he had a drinking problem. He would often blame my mom and sister for the things he has done. I learned that he would use displacement. He would almost act like a child and argue or pout to my sister or my mom. There were times that he’d yell at my sister over the phone or text and blame her for his own mistakes. This showed that he used both rationalization and regression to deal with his problems.
My sister and I over time developed our own coping mechanisms I learned that my…

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