My Experience With My Dad

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When asked to interview someone I saw as “Thriving” I chose my father. My dad is a diabetic and has lost both of his legs just below the knee to the disease. He and my mother do not have a vast amount of wealth, yet they both remain happy the majority of the time as well as encourage everyone around them. To begin I briefly explained to my dad the ideas I had been reading about in my class. I explained the happiness scale (0-10, 10 being the happiest). We, both my parents, my husband and myself, sat around the dining room table, as we have many times, and began to chat. I did give him a few minutes to think and when he was ready we began to talk.

After listening to my father talk about his level of happiness, that he feels is nine out of ten, I have a better understanding of the why behind mind frame. I have included a transcription of our talk here for you to read through, but you will find that he bases his happiness and joy on his faith and trust in God, and realizations that have come along the way. He talked about how you cannot go back to change yesterday, all you can do is go forward, and do your best. He talked about how he feels God has a plan for his life, and that even when things go crazy, later on he can see why things went like they did. Through this I feel he has made peace with his life, and living it to the fullest with all bumps in the road that come along.

Being that is my family, I have taken some of my parents ideals to heart and feel much the

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