My Experience With A Social Worker Essay

1276 Words Sep 21st, 2016 6 Pages
Social work, this is a career I see myself enjoying the rest of my life. I find helping people intriguing and sets a goal for what I wanna do in my career. I have chosen this major because I have had firsthand experience with children in the foster care system. This got me intrigued as I was in high school searching for a major that I would to eventually incorporate into my career and lifestyle. Kansas State University was one of the schools I enjoyed visiting as I was visiting colleges and here I am a junior, applying for practicum. First, I will focus on myself and how I ended up here at Kansas State Polytechnic. Next, I will provide my insight on what a social worker is and what I see in my future. Finally, I will provide my experience in Social Work 100 with Sarah Pilgrim and my twenty hours of volunteer experience at the Cloud County Resource Center. First, as I was attending high school, I had friends in and out of the foster care system and saw the problems arise when a foster child was abused in their current home or just being troubled and searching for a steady home life. Another reason I looked into social work is due to the fact that my old babysitter from I was little was doing amazing things in college as a social work major and I wanted to be a part of that. I visited Kansas State University on the main campus to learn more about their social work program and fell in love. I also visited Cloud County Community College and they as well had a social work…

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