Trends In Social Work

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Introduction As time advances, the development of human issues inside our modern world become more challenging for many within our society. Some have vanished over time while others have evacuated to suit with the changing times of the world. The changing period has brought along problematic trends where a growing number of people faces issues that are among poverty, children and families, and the advancement within technology.For example, due to the high demand and abilities technology contains, people within the workforce are being trained for jobs that are beginning to phase out or no longer exsit,causing many to lose their jobs and become apart of the growing recession( Woodside & Mcclain 2015).The problematic trends have set misery upon …show more content…
But based on the fact that I love working with people, do reseacrch and detective work, along with get along with those from all walks of life I found that I would be most effective and interested in becoming a social worker.Within this area I would first like to begin with the population of families and children and school, assisting this population in improving their social and psychological functiontionings by making an attempt immproving their well-beings overall. Case in point, if I was working with a family where teenage pregnancy was involved I would seek out the best assistance to assist the teenager based on her decision and assist the individual in overcoming depedentcies and arrange for the individual to be in a support group where she can be surrounded by individuals that relate to the situation Then throughout the proper research and education I will eventually excel within this field and build up my skills to work with the population of public and mental health (Alston, 2003). This will allow me to deal with patients on a broade emotional level by counseling these individuals into making the correct decisions for themselves and supporting …show more content…
Decision making can be difficult for a HS worker because one must obide by forty-four standards to:clients, society,colleagues, employers, profession, self, and students ( National Organization for Human Services , 2015) which at times workers may come up against during work due to the amount of thing that may occur. A common dilemia a HS worker may face is confidentaly commonly amongst the younger population. Although a client should be able to trust in with the information they provide workers with, HS workers are required by law to report to law enforcements if such detail is putting the individual in harm. To comply with these standards and principals I would have to gain a tough skin and acknowledge the steps of handling ethical dilemmas.
First I would have to consult the code and identify the priciples that come into conflict in specific situations. My next step ould be to review the state and federal las to ensure that my decisions are not only being taken place ehtically but also legally. Then I would seek supervison for a second opinion on making the correct decision possible. After that I would contact the NOHS to consider their perspective as well. Lastly, process all the information to finalize my decision. Througout all these process I can sucessfully tackle the issues faced by HS workers in the

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