College Course Reflection Report

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Before taking my first college course, I heard several stories regarding people 's past experiences with their professors and courses. Hearing these stories led me to become anxious, I didn’t know what to expect. However, when I began the course,I became much more confident and comfortable about the idea of becoming a partial college student, considering I still attend high school. My professor, Dr. Cynthia Morris, was truly kind, open-minded woman, she demonstrated and taught the Psych 1300 course curriculum extremely well. In addition, the course benefited me in various ways. Dr. Morris demonstrated the significance of time, studying, and connecting with others on a much deeper level. Given that, taking this course opened my eyes towards the actions and perspectives I take on education, life, people and the world around me. For example, for every chapter powerpoint Dr.Morris disclosed, there would be videos in the beginning and the end. The videos inspired and motivated me to become a better person and to take every opportunity to learn from others and the world. The videos greatly intrigued me that I took some time to explore the youtube channel Being introduced to the videos and …show more content…
Many of the chapters included tips on studying, managing your time and life, and understanding the concepts of college. If it wasn’t for these tips I probably would’ve been extremely unprepared for my dual credit classes in the Fall. The chapters made me realize the enormous issue I have with time management and procrastination. After taking this course, I realized I truly needed to break my current habits if I want to survive college. Nothing in my life has been more clear than my issue with time management, and thanks to the Psych 1300 course, I know how to fix this

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