My Vacation-Personal Narrative

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At the vulnerable age of 8, scared of lots of things, I had a huge imagination and over thought things way too much. The year of 2012 I went on a vacation which I thought would be one of the scariest things of my life turned out to be one of the most fun things I have ever done. I’ve never flown over the ocean before so with my imagination I thought of many outrageous things that could go wrong. We had two flights, one from Chicago to Atlanta and another from Atlanta to Nassau. Our first flight didn’t go to well, I was sick at the time so my head was congested which made the popping in my ears unbearable.
When we got to the airport we went to go get some food, we were starving. Since the Atlanta airport is so enormous, they had this train
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My dad had showed me the room where famous celebrities slept, it was overhanging over everything, it was amazing. The resort is famous for their water slide called “The Leap of Faith”. This was the first one we went on, I didn’t really want to go on it because I was scared but my dad made me. That night we went and had dinner on another island, we had taken a boat there and the guide showed us some things on the way. We had gotten back to our hotel, the super bowl was on that night so we went into this huge theatre where they had it playing. The next day was the most fun and best day of my life. The Atlantis Resort is known for many things, but most of all their Dolphin Cove. Dolphins were my favorite animal back then so I was ecstatic about this. We got to swim with dolphins, play fetch with them, and they even did tricks on command. That night we had gone to the most miraculous casino and they had an aquarium in it. It was absolutely crazy! We went to dinner in the casino and had barbeque, it was so good. Sadly, we only had one day left on the beautiful island and I was gonna make the most of

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