My Strengths And Weaknesses During Teamwork

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During my passed experience, i have learned and gained some strengths and weaknesses in myself. I learned that if i am more confident in myself, I can speak up for myself and i don’t always have to act shy shy everyone I meet. One of my strength during teamwork is that when I strongly agree to a topic, I am good at stating my opinion and opening up to my colleagues. I can stand up to what i agree on and speak my voice out. But, in the other hand, if i am confused at what the subject is or if I haven’t reviewed my material, I tend to stand back and just listen. It is one of my weaknesses, not knowing what to do in which makes me not join the conversation. Other than that, i like working in teams because it helps me realize other people's answers and opinions that may interest me too. Discussing as a team helps me listen to what other people has to say about their own opinions and helps me reflect on the topic and discuss as a group. In …show more content…
From my experience, i realise that it will affect you during work and while dealing with patients. You shouldn’t be putting your anger towards a patient because you are having a bad day. In addition, I have learned to set aside everything else and give my all towards work even if it can slightly pass my working hours. I know that being in the dental field may require extra hours because of many reasons like emergency examinations or procedures with complications. For example, during the McGill stage, i had to stay an hour after everyone else left because the amalgam wouldn’t adhere to the tooth structure. The student was frustrated and so was I because of the fact that we were the last one standing, but i couldn’t stand the thought of leaving her alone. I knew she needed me in order to accelerate the procedure and that made me more than happy to stay. The fact that i am wanted helped me forget about staying a little

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