My Classroom Arrangement In A Practicum School

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Assessment So, the last couple of weeks have been eye opening. Being in a classroom has allowed me fully understand what teaching is going to be like. This last week the students took a district test, this test was created by teachers throughout Albany County. My practicum teacher was not involved in making this quarters test, she was responsible for quarter twos test. During one of the math sections the class as a whole went through the test that they took. My practicum teacher stated she does not believe in giving a test without going over the results with the students. As a class we went over the test and it was obvious that my teacher was frustrated with the test. There were poorly written questions, that her students struggled with. …show more content…
Personally, I have never liked these types of classrooms. As I observe the classroom I realized this type of classroom doesn’t allow the teacher to walk around as freely to the students. I have read many books on how setting arrangement affects the classroom, but I have never realized how important the sitting arrangement it until I witnessed the results of a different sitting chart.

This week one of the students was very rude to the teacher. He ruled his eyes at the teacher and throughout the day he got clipped down in his behavior. My practicum teacher took away one of YELLOWSTONE letters, and he lost recess. During recess my practicum teacher pulled him aside and asked him what he did wrong, and what she should put in the email to his parents. The child struggled with telling the truth of what really happened, but eventually he said what he did wrong in his behavior. My practicum teacher said she doesn’t email parents unless they have been very rude, and today the student had crossed the line. Afterwards, my teacher said it was surprising because she emailed both parents and both of the parents responded to how sorry they were and they would talk to the child. This shocked my teacher because she said she rarely gets replies, after talking to my teacher it caused me to think about a lot of different things. My practicum teacher wasn’t happy to send the email, but she was so happy that the parents were there for their son and would talk to them. My practicum teacher said she gets ignored a lot, so she is used to sending and calling parents and being

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