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Children beginning learning at a very young age, at just a few days old, a newborn baby has learned to cry when he/she is hungry, wet, or tired. As we grow, and mature, the way in which we learn grows also; babies no longer need to communicate through crying, they have learned to use words. There are many things that affect how and what a person learns, these things differ from person to person. The way that I learn today has evolved over the course of my education. My experiences, culture, and context have all affected this change. The school I attended was small, my grade had around 50 students each year. This was normal to me, I had never heard of schools with 300 students per grade until I was much older.
When I began school, in kindergarten, everything, from my classmates, to having a specific schedule to follow, was new to me. I was enrolled in an every other day kindergarten program, this gradual introduction to school set the stage for what was to come in the years to come at Menahga Public School. As I think back on my early elementary days, school to me was an exciting
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Spending time with children has always been something that I have enjoyed. The way their mind works, seeing things in the simplest form, is fascinating to me. Being a teacher would allow me to encourage my students to feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings with others. The satisfaction that I feel, after I successfully teach a child something new, is a feeling that I love. Pursuing a career where I will be able to feel this feeling everyday only made sense. Another thing that influenced my decision to become a teacher, was the impact my own elementary teachers have had on me, in the past. All of my past teachers made school fun, all while teaching me the knowledge I needed to know. I hope to one day do the same for my

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