Essay about My Experience At The University Of South Carolina

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As a first generation student from a rural area of South Carolina, my exposure to the outside world was very limited. Attending the University of South Carolina gave me my first chance to converse with a diverse group of students from various backgrounds and cultures. My exposure to diversity and social issues came through two outlets. The first was my inclusion in the McNair Post Baccalaureate Achievement Program, which gave me my first chance to have intellectual conversations about issues facing our state, our society, and the state of academia. My continued exposure to social issues, as well as the place that offered me a chance to face these issues head on, came from the place I would call my “home” at USC: the Leadership and Service Center. During my first week at the university, I joined a monthly program offered on campus called Service Saturday, wherein which I served four hours pulling weeds a local community garden. These few hours of grueling work sparked a dedication to serving my community and during my time at USC I served over 300 hours. Over my four years I worked with community gardens, homeless shelters and food kitchens, educational programs in local schools and libraries, health services for the elderly and economically disadvantaged, mental health outreach, and social outlets for individuals with disabilities.
While direct service was what drew me into community service, what I enjoyed the most was outreach and education to students concerning social…

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