Yvonne Mburu: My Experience As A Nurse

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Employee of the month! My name was announced and I was surprised. Surprised, because what I received this recognition for required no effort. One of my patients grew ill and even though I was off the clock, I took the time to make sure this patient was comfortable. I was surprised because I did this all the time. Lots of our patients have very few or no visitors and sometimes people just need to know someone cares. I received this award because I cared. I’m a nurse and caring for others is what we do.

Hi, I’m Yvonne Mburu, born in Kenya and came to the United States at age of 17. Shortly after I arrived, I applied to and got accepted to the Nursing program at North Seattle College. This was a logical step. Helping where you can is how I grew
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In fact, to this day, my friends would describe me as being a very social and balanced person. I love to organize events, read, run, watch movies and love to try new foods. I attend the Seattle Opera and as many Seattle Art Museum events as I can find. I love Seattle. I love the diverse population, foods and landscape. And from time to time, I attend ‘Christ Our Hope’ church as a way to give thanks and to donate to help those in need. Yet, at work, my co-workers will tell you, I’m a hard worker and I’m by the book. I don’t cut …show more content…
I realize most people suffer, not from a lack of resources, but from a lack of skills to manage those resources. My interest is now primarily accounting and secondly information systems. Accounting because sound money management skill is one skill most people lack, yet it impacts our lives in the most pervasive and, sometimes, dramatic ways. In addition, I did very well in my accounting classes in high School and at North Seattle College. I’m considering Information Systems because computers allow you to leverage any skill for greater good. Plus, I feel very competent around computers and would like to help people who are not computer savvy.

Speaking about helping others, I’ve scanned the Seattle University website to find available volunteer opportunities, and I was pleased to see numerous options. I’m easy going, patient and enjoy working with others, so, I will happily apply for many; however I’m, especially drawn to the “participate in or leading a service

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