My Experience At The Feeding Site Essay

1102 Words Jul 22nd, 2015 null Page
Education 2110 has taught me about a multitude of strategies and issues, such as ways to implement cultural education and the effects of people’s low socioeconomic status on their lives. Throughout my experience at the Feeding Site, I have noticed the importance of connecting with students from low socioeconomic backgrounds. Children feel more comfortable when we adapt to their needs, such as providing them with learning material in English and in Spanish. Spanish is a part of most of their daily lives; therefore, they establish their comfort zone and open up to us. As we discussed in class, most children who have a low socioeconomic status are not optimistic, know where their next meal will come from, or have much to look forward to. Their focus is not on playing; it is about survival. My experiences at the Feeding Site brought to my attention everything I have gained while being with students, such as connecting with bilingual students, learning teacher preparation skills, the satisfaction of teaching, and knowledge regarding strategies I want to implement as a teacher.
During my experience at the Feeding Site the group connected with the students’ through bilingual books and activities. We read to the children in English and in Spanish and the children adapted to the story in an easier way. We did not know how to pronounce some of the Spanish words; however, the children helped us when we struggled with a word. As the students were in their comfort zone, they felt…

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