Essay about My Experience At The Baptist Association

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For the past four summers I have been the lead Summer Missionary at the Calhoun Baptist Association. The Summer Missionaries are high school and college students that spend most of thier summer helping local churches with Bible School. We plan and lead the entire Bible school for small churches that have never had one before and we just come along side and help those who just need a few more workers. Most weeks we would lead two schools one in the morning and one at night. Thorugh this role, I can see how I have grown in emotional intelligence. I also see now looking back, how I could have shown or practiced it better and been a better leader.
Since the first summer of being the leader to this past summer my self- awareness has changed drastically. One of the main reasons for that is that I have obviously have matured in age. The first summer leading I was going into my junior year of highschool. I wasn’t very good at knowing what bothered and iritated me and especially did not know why it bothered me. I was also easily fooled by a good mood. If things were going well on the first night at a new church, I assumed and would think that it would continue to go well and that the team would continue to work in their roles that week great. These last two summers, I have learned that if things are going good to make notes and understand why it worked better than last week. I have learned over the years to seek feedback and grow as a leader. The first summer leading I wanted to be…

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