My Experience At My Work Place Essay

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The purpose of this assignment is to choose a topic that we have covered; Leadership, and relate it to my experience at my work place. However, my experience describes the difference in managerial qualities within my place of work. The theories that I have chosen to use are Mintzberg and Fisher and Torbert.
I am currently working in a retail sector; my place of work is very busy with lot of customers visiting for shopping. However, in my company, we have five team leaders, which I sometimes find complicated to get use to all of them, due to the fact that they have different personality traits and characteristics
However, I have a team leader I don’t get along with due to the fact that she’s too strict. On the other hand, during a shift, I was assigned a role to provide customers with necessary information by the strict team leader, and she didn’t brief me about the role properly. However, when I was on my shift, a customer came up to me to ask me where they had park their car because they can’t remember. So I had to leave my position to help them locate where they had park. Meanwhile I wasn’t aware my team leader was looking for me. I heard my name on the radio that I should come to the office. She asked me what I was doing. I explained to her that I had to help a customer to locate their car and she replied “did you get a staff to cover your position?” and I replied “no” and she was angry and replied me “next time you should radio someone to cover you when leaving your…

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