Bus 365 Week 9 Question Paper

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Multiple Choice
1. Managers rely on business intelligence, data mining, and the decision support systems in order to minimize __________.
a) business processes
b) inventory loss
c) customer dissatisfaction
d) uncertainty
2. What levels of management can today’s BI vendors’ products and software-as-a-service (SaaS) packages support?
a) tactical or operational
b) strategic, tactical, or operational
c) strategic or operational
d) entry and middle
3. What types or sizes of organization can afford today’s BI packages?
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Which is not a characteristic or benefit of BI?
a) helps eliminate blindspots
b) integrates data silos
c) presents data in visual displays
d) implemented by end-users
17. An advantage of __________ is that they are a way to access a particular view of data or to analyze what’s happening.
b) data mining
c) predictive analytics
d) queries
18. Three core functions of __________ are query, reporting, and analytics.
a) BI
c) data warehousing
19. Data mining and __________ tools are used to find relationships that are not obvious, or to predict what is going to happen.
a) DSS
b) reporting
c) predictive analytic
d) queries
20. After data has been loaded into a data warehouse, data tables can be linked to form __________, which is another term for multidimensional databases.
a) data cubes
b) relational databases
d) ETL
21. Why does UPS use data analysis and visualization as part of its tactical and strategic planning process?
a) Delivery time is mission-critical
b) Workers need to quickly adjust operations as new information is received
c) To build a single version of the truth
d) a and b
22. The IT architecture that is needed for BI depends on each of the following factors
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Managers’ roles can be put into three categories based on Mintzberg. Which is not one of those categories?
a) Interpersonal role
b) Informational role
c) Strategic role
d) Decisional role
35. Decision makers go through four systematic phases. Which is the first phase?
a) choice
b) design
c) intelligence
d) knowledge
36. Managers rely on decision models because they __________ the situation or problem.
a) simplify
b) detail
c) solve
d) explain
37. Planning new services to be offered, hiring an executive, predicting markets, or choosing a set of research and development projects for next year are examples of __________ decisions.
a) structured
b) semistructured
c) unstructured
d) operational
38. Formal business procedures, cost minimization, profit maximization and algorithms, such as those used by eHarmony to match its members, are example of __________ decisions.
a) structured
b) semistructured
c) unstructured
d) operational
39. A properly designed __________ is an interactive application to help decision makers compile data and then analyze the data using business models.
a) TPS
b) MIS
c) SOP
d) DSS
40. A key benefit of DSSs is that they make it easy for manager to perform __________, which is the study of the impact that changes in one or more parts of a model have on the

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