Why Does UPS Use Data Analysis And Visualization As Part Of Its Tactical And Strategic Planning Process

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Register to read the introduction… Why does UPS use data analysis and visualization as part of its tactical and strategic planning process?
a) Delivery time is mission-critical
b) Workers need to quickly adjust operations as new information is received
c) To build a single version of the truth
d) a and b
22. The IT architecture that is needed for BI depends on each of the following factors except:
a) the number of event-driven alerts
b) the number and type of data sources or ISs
c) how much data extraction and transformation needs to be done
d) the reporting timeliness that’s needed
23. Planning a BI implementation is a complex project and includes typical project management steps. Therefore, the first step in the BI planning process is to _____.
a) define the scope
b) define the budget
c) identify the resources needed
d) define the timeline
24. Extracted data, particularly when it’s extracted from multiple sources, is not in usable format. Because of this problem, __________ tools have to map the field names of the same data types; and then reformat the data itself into a standard format.
a) data transformation and loading
b) data extraction and transformation
c) data query and reporting
d) data
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The strategic objective of __________ is to optimize the overall performance of an enterprise.
a) analytics
b) business performance management (BPM)
c) dashboards
d) reporting
28. Today, BI ranks near the top of many companies’ IT purchase plans. What is the underlying reason for this interest in BI?
a) Costs and complexity of BI software have dropped significantly.
b) Managers are more IT and database literate.
c) Inflation and energy prices are cutting into profit margins and consumers’ disposable income.
d) All of the above
29. Text from documents, electronic communications, and e-commerce activities needs to be codified, which is typically done with __________.
a) HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)
b) Java
c) C++
d) XML (eXtensible Markup Language)
30. In a __________, you are trying to find what others have prepared. With __________, you are trying to discover new patterns that may not be obvious or known.
a) query; Web mining
b) query; data mining
c) search; text mining
d) search: reporting
31. __________ is used to understand customer online behavior, evaluate a Web site’s effectiveness, and quantify the success of a marketing

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