Assignment 1: Team Leadership Analysis

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Unit D is focused on the dynamics that are involved when it comes to leading a team. This critique is geared toward the discussion of the sections relating to managing a team diplomatically and managing up. The quote “fit no stereotypes. Don’t chase the latest fads. The situation dictates which approach best accomplishes the team’s mission” (Powell, C) is a perfect reference to these topics. As a team leader, the word authority and/or power are limited when it comes to leading a team. Nevertheless, a leader has a responsibility to carry out among his or her team. In order to excel in managing a team, the leader must be good in persuasion and possess a diplomatic approach.
Effectively being a big part in the team’s functionality
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In all aspects, leaders need to fully grasp and understand the role they play in their organization’s team. In order to lead a team diplomatically, one thing is for certain; you do not want to come off as if you don’t know what you are doing, or contritely know too much to the point that your team members do not desire to work with you. With this in mind, leaders should practice good techniques when diplomatically managing teams. Gallo (2013) provides a few strategies to tackle this responsibility; including putting on a good face, seeking out positivity rather than negativity, spending more time with team members to get a feel of their traits and personality. “Assume the best, focus on what they’re good at, and how they can help the team” (Gallo, …show more content…
When managing a team, they key initiatives that lead to success include having the ability to be clear on what it is you are hired to do as a job. It is also good to know what your leader or manager is actually responsible for doing. Remembering that people we work with are not our family members, therefore we should act as such and treat each member as a responsible contributor to solve problems and knowing that you and your employees are not

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