My Experience At High School Essay

1449 Words Dec 21st, 2015 null Page
After three very important, time consuming, and fun essays, my English 101 class is officially coming to an end. Before entering this class I had very few English classes under my belt; I skipped just about every high school course they offer. Although I am a junior in high school, and younger than most of my fellow classmates, I walked through the door on the first day of class with full confidence. Like I expected, I learned more from this English class, than I ever could have if I stayed at high school with the rest of my peers. Taking this class was very beneficial, improving my writing skills beyond my expectations. Throughout this semester, I learned many key lessons about writing. The first lesson, and by far the most important lesson is the use of prewriting tools. I learned many prewriting tools this semester that I will continue to use in all of my future writings. When preparing for my observation essay you asked us to form an outline. As I worked on that outline I developed a general guideline to my paper. When coming across a writers block, as I often do, this outline helped me jump back on track with my topic, and continue my work. Along with the outline, another effective prewriting tool I used was recording me. This recording helped me avoid a writer’s block. Although this task was assigned to us on the first essay, the memoir, I do not believe I fully utilized how helpful it can be. Knowing better, when writing my observation essay, I recorded…

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