My Experience At A Summer Day Camp Essay

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All of the courses I studied were the foundation for the experiences I was able to organize. My first taste of psychology in my professional experiences was working at a summer day camp as a special needs one-on-one counselor. This summer position was my first exposure of what it necessitates to interact with people who need special attention in a work setting. Over the course of the summer I learned how to tailor activities, speak, and interact with children who are considered different, but are essentially exactly the same as the other campers. These children showed me what joy is and helped me establish a deeper understanding of patience. I learned how to interact with guardians, mainly I learned how to appreciate the perspective each child I came in contact with and comprehend their specific voice whether that individual spoke or not. I came face to face with ignorance and developed responses to advocate for my camper. It became clear to me how tolerance, education, and counseling are helpful for these children and their families and even my coworkers. Another summer I created an internship with Hopehill Youth Services, with this organization I attended STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and math) fieldtrips with residents as an extra chaperone. Residents in the program would sit on the bus with me and tell me their stories, how each of these young women “ended up” at Hopehill was different, yet each one showed me the importance of redemption, reconciliation, and…

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