My Experience At A Community College Essay

1031 Words Nov 19th, 2015 null Page
To the job site I brought in proficient computer skills including technical and software aspects. During my time at a Community College, I learned and advanced capabilities in Microsoft Office programs including Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access (database software). I believe this was an advantage when making the transition from Community College to University because I would be able to use advanced features in these programs to help me excel in projects and assignments. On the job site, I was able to further put into practice my computer skills, however, it was not to the extent of my full capabilities. It took a while before the staff in the department were able to notice my abilities with word processing software, and they occasionally asked me to do some projects. When I had the chance I would go beyond and do some extra features with said assignments. One program I was able to learn on my own was Microsoft Office Publisher, which came in handy when doing tasks that required some sophistication or artistic aspect. Some of the work I was able to complete during the internship period are include in the APPENDIX. The works completed mostly consist of Microsoft Office Word documents – projects done in Microsoft Office Excel are not included due to the confidential nature of the content.
In this particular job site and field ethical issues go hand-in-hand with confidentiality and privacy, therefore any issues are followed through by using company…

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