The Importance Of Transferring College

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A couple of months ago I transferred to Mercyhurst University. Not because I was unhappy at FSU Panamanian Campus, but because something drove me to do so. A year and a half after transferring colleges, I can assure you, that I have no idea whatsoever of what that "something" was. Several months later, I still ask myself if I made the right choice. How to know if transferring colleges was a right decision, or is a good decision to consider in the future, is something that can either remain unanswered, or not.

As I mentioned before, I wasn 't unhappy, that wasn 't the reason behind me transferring college. The friends I left behind, are friends that I am certain will still have my back, and so do I. The adventures that we shared are forever
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However, prior to my transfer epiphany, I suffered from an emotional rollercoaster. I was unhappy, transferring seemed like the worst decision I had made so far, and I didn 't know how to come about and explain my parents that all I wanted was to go back. Several times I had to tell myself to buckle up, it 's only a couple years left. It 's quite difficult to take responsibility for your choices, especially when you think you screwed up. I couldn 't help but think about the people who transfer from one college to another, do they feel the same? Are they driven by a sudden impulse to send an application? or was it just me, all alone in the higher education blackhole?

The whole transferring process comes with several challenges, both easy and difficult to overcome. The fact that I had to fit in somewhere new, when I already had what I needed back in Panama, college transfer didn 't seem like a good idea anymore. I came to think I had made the wrong choice rather than the right one. But then again, it 's anything a matter of right or wrong? or is it just a matter of perspective?

(I ended up having amazing

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