My Engagement Activities Of Service, Leadership And Internship

1194 Words Oct 21st, 2015 null Page
My three engagement activities of service, leadership and internship complemented each other very well, because all three of my experiences taught me what it meant to be a well-rounded leader. Throughout my entire engagement within the program it was very surprising to see many connections overlap within each activity. The first one I realized that I had practiced with all three activities was social engagement, me practicing social engagement was included in all three of my activities by me just being able to be social within the community. Rather it was within the community (ambassador), in leadership class when I had to hold conversations with the other classmates in the online community or just working and helping out in the community as an affiliate of Volunteer Leon. The second thing I experienced that overlapped was collaboration, me working with others identified itself in all three of my activities just by giving me the ability to learn how to work with others effectively, which is an important skill to have in any situation. The third thing I would say that appeared was the development of relationship within these specific activities. Just being able to gain these valuable relationships during this short time was unbelievable. Just to know I can call or email certain people to ask future questions when I need them is a great resource to have. The last thing that I engaged in while participating in each of these activities was just having the ability to find my…

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