My Educational Philosophy: My Personal Philosophy Of Education

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Knowledge is power. From the moment we can understand the concept, we are told this sentiment. Knowledge allows us to make change, allow for social mobility, it can even help to improve our status in life. It is the duty of teachers to instill in their students the value of knowledge. As a teacher, my own personal philosophy involves teaching equality to my students for my students. It involves invoking a sense of appreciation for learning and creating a passion for it that will last a lifetime. These are a few of the aspects of my personal educational a philosophy.
My motivation lies within my passion for learning and helping others. In many ways, it is an intrinsic form of motivation that drives me. I love the satisfaction of explaining
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It is no secret that we are all different and that we all learn differently. It is the job of the teacher to cater to the needs of the student and help them to stay on track. Furthermore, it is the job of the teacher to act as a mentor. The teacher is shaping the minds of the youth who will one day be the future of society. It is incredibly important for the teacher to instill ethical values of honesty, loyalty, hard working in the student. In a more practical sense, it is the duty of the teacher to know when their students need help, when they don’t understand the lesson, and you know how to transform their lesson so that every student understands it. I think this includes using formative assessments. Using group projects, quizzes, journals, and observations helps teaches to get an understanding to see where their students stand. I think that formative assessment draws students closer to their teacher which a vital aspect of teaching. The teacher is molding students to deal with difficult situations they will encounter later in life. It is pertinent that they have the tools to deal with said situation in the …show more content…
Students should never be afraid to ask questions. They will also always be doing something that will enhance their learning whether it is reading independently or in a group, or solving math problems together. I will work to diversify my lesson as much as possible. I will use different forms of teaching lecture, videos, and hands on activities in order to fit the needs of every student. In addition to this, I will work independently with the students that are struggling with different subject areas.
Becoming a teacher is no easy task. It is those who are dedicated and carry a strong passion to help others that I believe enables a teacher to be successful. My goals as a teacher are to never stop trying. I will work to make sure the parents and their children have a memorable learning experience. Another goal I have is to grow and learn along with my students. I understand that in our technological world, things are always changing. I want to be able to be accepting and hopeful of the changes I face as a teacher. I understand that knowledge is power and want to share with others just how it can be

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