The Effectiveness Of Standardized Testing In Schools

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All teachers grade differently some are “easy” graders while others are “hard” graders. The only way to truly know how the districts are doing and what they need to improve on is by taking standardized tests. By comparing all the students to the set standard the schools are being judged on what they need to improve on. Standardized testing is the best way to improve the performance of the students and the instruction of the school. Standardized testing more or less brings changes to schools around the United States. Dawn Flanagan, Jennifer Mascolo and Steven Hardy-Braz stated in their article Standardized testing that “standardized test results provide information regarding an examinee 's area of strength and weakness.” If a lot of …show more content…
knowledge they need… don 't stray from their paths.” Ralph Waldo Emerson said this in From education. Teachers need to teach to help the students. Teachers are students lifelines they don 't take away their spirits their dreams or their passion the teachers are nurturing them helping them giving them skills to help them to their future. Children will fail if they have bad teachers. If not students are doing well, but a certain class bombed the standardized testing you can my a logical assumption that the teacher isn 't doing good job teaching their students. They are either neglecting their duty or they are not meant to be a teacher. Standardized testing holds the teachers accountable. I have com across many bad teachers that just expect us to teach ourselves. Many people believe that standardized testing is insignificant, racist and that students will cheat to help their grade. Everything has flaws, nothing is perfect. These tests give feedback to the students and to teachers that is vary significant to the educational process. People cheat. Students are so concerned with their grades they don 't care if they learn the material they just want to get a good grade in the class. As I am a student myself I know the feeling when you are so concerned with passing the class with the best grade you can get because the world would end if your GPA drops because you didn 't do well in one class. Whether it be math, english. That one class where your heart sinks and you would do anything to just skip that hour because every day it sounds like the teacher is talking in tongues. Solving the issue of cheating is easy don 't make standardized testing count toward their grade. These tests should be helpful not stressful. District common assessment in our school don 't count so even in my worst class I don 't go

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