The Life Of Mrs. Sebring

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“A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, touches the heart, and shapes the future.” School for kids means eight hours wasted; meanwhile, for teachers it means teaching the next generation. Even though kids may think the teachers just want to give them homework or make them work hard so students can have no life, it 's quite the opposite. Teachers teach so that they can see their students succeed in life. They want to know that their students got the best education they could get and that they are able to be what they want to be in life. After all, Mrs. Sebring said it herself, “Be happy. Life is too short to be sad.” Sebring was born and raised in the little town of Wilmar, MN. Her parents, Joel and Beve, were toppled with financial problems. “Hand-me-downs were about the only clothes I ever had,” stated Mrs. Sebring. Helping on the farm was not a chore to them; it was normal her sister and she had to help on the farm. During high school, to make herself money, she would babysit during the school year, and then when summer and farming …show more content…
She didn 't go out and get involved with extracurricular activities; she stayed in her dorm and studied. Getting a bachelor 's degree in science math and computer science, brought her to the little town of Windom. In August, 1991, one week before school started, she was hired to be the 8th grade teacher at Windom Area High School. Even though she acquired the status of a teacher instead of a student Sebring became involved in school activities. An example of that is she became the administrator for the National Honor Society. National Honor Society helps kids be involved and be leaders in our society; it 's a great group that helps our society. She got the chance to be involved in National Honor Society when the previous advisor left and no one else wanted the position. She also helped with the school newspaper and the

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