The Importance Of Change In Education

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Going beyond the surface
We are all born different from one another, each with different talents and personalities. This difference we have is what keeps people changing all the time and it’s what sets us apart from our peers. Since students are changing, professors need to change with them to be able to meet the needs of the students. Now a days we perceive ourselves as consumers and prefer to be entertained rather than being challenged. The need to be inspired by our professors is huge, since they play an important role in our education system. Although there may not be a significant difference in how our education system is changing, if we continue doing nothing about the lack of wanting to be challenged and motivated towards school, there will be a negative change.
In the book, From Inquiry to Academic Writing, pages 389-403, Mark Edmundson says that liberal education is very important and necessary for students to learn. It’s a way to prepare us
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They are the ones who get to mold the students and build them so they can become successful and learn how to never give up. In the online book, Crisis in education: Stress and burnout in the American teacher, it talks about how the efforts we are making now to fix the American education will make no difference unless the problems of teacher stress is understood. This in fact is one of the many factors that contribute to how much effort teachers are putting in, if they are not getting a lot out from it. Some, not all teachers, feel that if they are not getting the sufficient pay, the they will put minimal effort when teaching. But there are others who only want the satisfaction of knowing that they made a difference in someone 's life and that they did all they could to help them. We should focus more on getting that grit that will enable us to try harder in reaching our goals and dreams and work our way up from

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