Good Education Essay

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Name; Chong Liu
Prof. Davis

In 1964, Malcolm, the famous human right activist known in the word, stated “Education is our passport to the future; for tomorrow belongs to those that prepare for it today.” in his speech at the Founding Rally of the Organization of Afro-American Unity. As sure, the contemporary society proves what he said, that the education becomes the more and more essential factor to decide the success of a person. However, the problem is that what kind of education could reach the goal, in other words what should be involved in a good education?

In Newman’s article “Knowledge its Own End”, he states that a good education are supposed to include two parts----“liberal knowledge”
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Obviously, I won’t recommend anyone to change the current system in Newman’s way. Since, his revolution for the higher education will force every student to take the course that they might not like. Moreover, it is going to push students to learn further about a certain subject. Meanwhile, the term, major, will lose its meaning. The problem of student faces is that they don 't have an interesting motivation to drive them learning it with concentrated attention. There’s an old proverb “the interest is the best teacher”(Einstein). Several researches in neuroscience and physiology of learning demonstrate that the interest is necessary for real learning, because the real learning only occurs when these three elements, deep engagement, motivation and interest are presented, which produce some strong and positive emotions (Michael, “Displayed a personal interest in students and their learning ”). How do scholars pursuit real knowledge without any interest? As a consequence, students may lose attention in the classes, let alone have curiosity, fail in their …show more content…
The first short-term challenge will be the extended years in college for satisfaction the requirement. For the most public universities, only 19 percent full-time students earn a bachelor’s degree less than 5 years. In addition, the state flagship universities, which are more selective and focus on more intensive research institutions, only have 36 percent full-time students who complete their bachelor’s degree in 4 years.(Lewin, par. 3). Therefore, if we were changed the system to Newman’s way, which intensively requires students to learn more knowledge, or we can regard it as double major, the result would have been that students spend more years to complete their degree that may postpone the staring of the career being later. Second short-term challenge would be the extra fees. The college payments are attached with the credits we enrolled, and the year we spent. As the graduation requirement increasing, which means more credits we have to earn, the tuitions are increased either, due to payment policy, one credit per a mount of money. What’s going to happen if student cannot afford the payment? The answer is they will apply financial aid. The most financial aid comes from federal and state governments. However, if more students ask for financial aid, the government must build a lager economic foundation in order to offer an aid, which eventually causes

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