My Dream Of Being An Astrophysicism: My Dreams Of My Life

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Mum shouted up the stairs, "Come down here now!" Her shout interrupted the nostalgia I was feeling from lying on my bed appreciating the array of star wars posters and memories plastered on my walls. There were only a few weeks until I started university and reach one step closer to reaching my dream of being an astrophysicist. I answered "Coming!" and began to make my way downstairs, as I was walking down the stairs something in the atmosphere felt different, as if something had changed and I couldn 't quite put my finger on it. Regardless, I kept walking to the kitchen where I was greeted by both of my parents, this instantly confused me considering my Dad is a workaholic and it 's extremely rare to see him. My parents instructed me to sit down; their facial expressions were unreadable which made me uneasy. I quickly sat down, suddenly unstable and anxious. Moments passed and my Mum began to speak, "Charlie, your father and I want you to know that we are incredibly proud of you, we cannot begin to comprehend the pride we feel in calling you our son. I …show more content…
At this point in time I was genuinely happy, I felt content and accomplished, everything I had ever dreamed of was coming true. The sudden stroke of serendipity made me smile. I inserted the keys into the ignition, adjusted the gears, too excited to put my seatbelt on. After a few minutes of test driving I felt confident enough to open the windows and turn the radio on, a rush of adrenaline filled my bones causing me to increase the speed of which I was driving at. The main problem with my road is you can 't see far ahead, as I sped down the road, passing houses I see everyday a dog ran into the road causing me to swerve violently and hit a tree. I had been flung out from the driver 's seat to the edge of the road; the last thing I remember was feeling my back hit the ground like a ton of

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