My Definition Of Faith Is Constantly Being Shaped And Challenged By The World And Different Experiences Around Me

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My definition of faith is constantly being shaped and challenged by the world and different experiences around me. Our past has so much to say about who we are as individuals, just as the history of the bible has so much to tell us about how to interpret it and make connections in the present. My life has been built on a strong foundation of church family and constant love from our creator. In our readings, I feel that Sumney does a great job of explaining how the bible is set up and how we as students can begin diving into the content that it holds. I grew up attending Grace Hill Mennonite Church in rural Whitewater, KS with my family of four. Sunday’s have always been a time to connect with God and to fellowship with my church family. As a child, I took the bible as literal telling’s of events that occurred. In bible study I liked to think of these stories as actual events that took place. It was hard for me to think about these stories as being learning opportunities to dig into what the author was trying to convey. One of the most important parts of my faith is living as Jesus did. I want to be a friend to those around me and I want to treat those around me with love and respect. Camp Mennoscah has impacted my life more than I can put into words. While at church camp, I have learned how to love on people that are different from me, rejoice in the beauty of creation, and share in appreciation for the unknown that is before us. Most recently, I have been challenged with…

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