Faith In Life Of Pi

Faith. Small word, big meaning
What is faith? According to the dictionary, the definition of faith is a strong belief either in yourself or in the doctrines of a religion, but every person has his or her personal definition of faith. Not many things could effect and change one’s faith, but it is proven that in cases of life danger, people’s faith tends to change. In fact, under tough and dangerous circumstances, when there is an immense need for survival, people’s personalities and perspective on certain aspects change. In the book Life of Pi by Yan Martel, the readers are exposed to a faithful religious young boy named Pi. In the novel, Pi is put in dangerous situation and is forced to change drastically in order to survive.
At the beginning of the novel the readers are introduced to Pi. Pi is a zookeeper’s son who grew up in Pondicherry, India. In his early years Pi believed in one religion, Hinduism. Around the age of 14 he started discovering new religions. It all started when Pi walked in to a Church, where he met father Martin. Father Martin helped Pi become Christian. Less than a year afterwards, while walking in the Muslim quarter in his town, Pi meets a Muslim baker who introduces himself as Mr. Kumar. Mr. Kumar teaches Pi how to practice Islam, and Pi adopts the religion. Pi has colossal belief in all three
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Throughout the noble Pi gets more confident with his actions and that is mainly thanks to his new faith in himself, and hardly at all thanks to his belief in many Gods. The main theme in the novel Life of Pi is believe to be belief in God, but is it really? Would a person that did not believe in Gods like Pi did behave differently under such circumstances? Would they not have the courage and the faith in themselves to survive such journey? May the true theme of the novel be survival and belief in yourself, rather than belief in

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