The Conflicts Of Religion In Life Of Pi

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Three different social groups are looked at in Life of Pi, that being Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam. The mainstream religion in Pondicherry is Hinduism. Islam is inferior compared to Hinduism and Christianity. In the middle of the novel, the Priest, the Pundit, and the Imam argue over whose religion is greater and justify their answers. Both, the Pundit and the Priest come to agree that Islam is a religion based on violence. All three men do not know much about the other’s religion, but they still speak down upon the other 's faith. In the novel, individuals are discriminated against based on their religion. When the Priest, the Pundit, and the Imam gain knowledge of Pi following all three religions, they are infuriated. The three men want Pi to believe in their …show more content…
Furthermore, the scorching sun put Pi into a position where he could have dehydrated, and the cold nights posed a danger of hypothermia. This conflict resolved when Pi came to the shore of Mexico. Pi reaching the shore allowed Pi to receive the desperate medical attention he required. The most significant character from the novel, Life of Pi is Piscine Patel. Pi is not only the protagonist but also the narrator for a majority of the novel. Although the novel revolves around Pi, like a biography, the novel is written by Yann Martel. The novel is about Pi’s childhood and the shipwreck which changed his life. Additionally, Pi Patel is an important character because he is the sole survivor of an incident that killed his entire family. Another essential character is Richard Parker; Richard Parker helps Pi survive. Pi is forced to feed Richard Parker in hope that he does not attack him to satisfy his hunger. The importance of Richard Parker is that he keeps Pi sane during the 277 days Pi is at sea. Richard Parker and Pi build a close relationship as the novel progresses. Lastly, an important character is Mr.

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