Religion In Pi Patel's Life Of Pi

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Since the beginning of mankind, religion has become an important aspect of society. Repeatedly, it was religion that influenced the advancement of science, art, literature, and technology. Religion played a role in the building of certain empires. It can be said that religion was, and still is a large factor in the evolution of human nature and society throughout history. However, as time progresses, not only does religion benefit the human population, it also causes conflict and creates rifts between territories, nations, and people. The protagonist of the novel Life of Pi, Pi Patel, demonstrates the perfect balance of religious devotion and acceptance. His life, although fictional, can teach others to be more accepting of various religions and to be peaceful in the name of one’s own religion. Experts have been quite perplexed at the concept of religion. Even the earliest humans had some form of religion, which poses the question, “Why?” One answer to this question is that religion provides humans with the answers to questions that they cannot easily respond to. Enigmas such as why the sun set or why certain plants grew on Earth could be answered by formulating stories about an omnipotent being. The earliest humans were not aware of science; it just seemed logical that there was something out there greater than humankind. Religion also provides people with a sense of comfort and hope, since most religions speak …show more content…
While this belief can become corrupted or tainted, at its core, followers of a faith all share this one belief. Religions do not call their followers to be forceful or violent, but rather to be open-minded, accepting, and peaceful. The characteristics of Pi Patel demonstrate how religions should interact with one another. With those ways in mind, mankind can use religion as a way to end strife, rather than a mechanism to cause

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