My Day At My House Essay

979 Words Mar 24th, 2015 4 Pages
Seventeen years and plenty of arguments later, I would’ve never realized how much both of these people meant to me if it weren’t for one boring, scorching summer day at my house. My parents are the complete definition of what it means to be dysfunctional because of all their differences. Although both may be different in their parenting style and problem solving, they both have a similar background and personality that is the foundation to our family’s unconditional love. It all happened about two hundred and seventy-nine days ago. My parents had just come back from the mall and I had been sitting on my couch for five hours with nothing to do. Before they pulled up in the drive way, I made plans to go with my friends to the mall and the movies. Once they got out of the car and walked to the door, I rushed to open it so I could ask them a serious question. I looked at them with confidence thinking that being as old as I am would validate my freedom. I asked, “Could I go to the mall and the movies with my friends PLEASE?” My parents glanced at each other and my mom replied, “No!” I questioned again, “Why not?” with a sad tone. My mom responded with, “No vas a ir porque no vas a ir y se cabo!” My dad remained silent throughout the whole thing. Before going further in that potential argument, I left the room. My parents have completely different parenting styles. My mother likes to get her way most of the time. She is a more authoritarian parent who has a set of rules that…

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