Child Parenting Styles Essay

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Parenting Style Influences on Child Behavior
Numerous studies have been conducted and proven to show the effects of parenting styles and how it effects the behaviors of children. Warmth/nurturance, discipline strategy, communication skills, and expectations of maturity are four important areas in which have shown to be connected with child adjustments. These styles are explained by Kaisa Aunola and Jari-Erik Nurmi in the article “The Role of Parenting Styles in Children’s Problem Behavior”.
Firstly, there are many styles of mother and father parenting. I wanted to find out exactly how those styles played a role in the child of the parents and why. In the article by Aunola and Nurmi, investigations are conducted to find out how which combinations
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An investigation to prove this theory was conducted on adolescents and found that the parental disciplinary style was associated with increased score of psychological problems (Dwairy MA 2008, Dwairy MA 2010). There are a couple mechanisms that play a role in the association of disciplinary styles. One of the mechanisms is the difficulties in predictability, thus children who may observe their parents as divergent have more of a difficult time figuring out their parents behavior (. Ross LT, Wynne S, 2010). When it arises to the impulsiveness of the parent’s behavior, it can result in a threat for the children’s development in a belief of helplessness which may affect the child’s destiny (Tiggemann M, Winefield AH, 1987).
Another interesting factor I found in a child’s behavior development based on parenting, is the differences between the mothers and fathers nurturing. Maternal parenting styles believe that the responsibility of the mother is child rearing, in other words, the bringing up or raising of the child. On the other hand, the father’s part is to take initiative in the family life. Both parenting styles are vital in the relationship between the parents and child (Cabrera NJ, Tamis-LeMonda CS, Bradley RH, Hofferth S, Lamb ME,

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