Essay on My Dad And My Grandpa

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My mom grew up in Detroit Michigan and later moved to East Lansing. When she was in high school, her dad, my grandpa Jay got very sick and had the kidney transplant. He was sick for most of her high school experience and at the beginning college. Her parents were so preoccupied with her dad sickness that they did not have much time for her and her brother. My grandpa Jacob better for the second half of her college years but got very sick and passed away a few months before she and my dad got married. Although I never met him, I know that he was kind, funny, man and would 've been a great grandpa.

My dad grew up in Deerfield Illinois. His mom, my grandma Betsy had two kids before she was married to my grandpa Jerry. She had one when she was 17 or 18 and the other in her early 20s. My dad and his two sisters did not know about one of her other son until high school. Once he was in late high school, his parents got divorced. I don 't remember my grandpa Jerry much because he died when I was when I was one year old, but I have been told that he was kind, fun loving man, who loved me so much. She never got to meet my brother. My grandma Betsy did, but she died when I was four or five years old and my brother. I have a few memories of her eating spaghetti and listening to her stories. I also remember singing a song at her funeral. She was incredibly beautiful woman was very smart and love to tell stories and cook food. I wish I had gotten a chance to get to know her more, and I…

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